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Designers Yvone Christa.


Flagship store in New York

Yvone Christa store with FORE! jewelry.

If you hear ”fore!” called at the golf course, you know you’ll have to watch out for a stray ball. FORE! is more than a warning call, it is also the name of Yvone Christa’s jewelry for golf lovers. Exclusive, timeless and playful jewelry.

It is common to find shapes from nature’s diversity like butterflies, roses and orchids in Yvone Christa’s work.

- Nature is our single greatest source of inspiration, says Yvonne Clamf, but shapes in all its guises are always fascinating.

When it comes to FORE! both nature and the traditionally used filigree technique had to stand back for the shapes of golf. The craft and the quality is still the usual high standards. With 925 sterling silver and often carefully chosen semiprecious stones and pearls, all manufacturing is made by hand and each piece gets its own unique character.

- To us, it’s been great to get to work with and create something that differentiates completely from our other products, says Yvonne. FORE! is a lot more straightforward than the designs we usually do.

FORE! jewelry collections White Fossil and Elegance are designed by Yvone Christa New York. 

About Yvone Christa New York 

Yvone Christa New York are two swedish designers, Yvonne Clamf and Christina Söderström. Yvone Christa is an internationally well recognized brand worn by superstars like Cameron Diaz, Christina Aguilera and Madonna. Yvone Christa have also designed jewelry exclusively for National Gallery of Art in Washington.

Yvone Chista is represented in eleven countries and have a store in New York USA.

Flagship Store, 223 Mott Street, New York, NYC 10012

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